What is the best technology in the hospital for you? Why?

The electrical IV Monitoring because with that regulating IV Fluids will be easier and accurate. There will be no expensive and deficient in therms of giving fluids to the patient. Chances are giving appropriate and a required dose of fluids to the patient rendering healthcare will be more effective.

Advantage and disadvantage of innovation in nursing profession.

One advantage is being competitive and focusing on the quality of services and achieving greater social, economic and environmental value. Improving is helping nurses to comply with customer needs and considered in the design and delivery of products and services, for example generating new and repeat business plus customer satisfaction. Disadvantage is making the nurses incompetent with the new technology for instance.

What are some benefits of hospital/ clinical information system and how will it affect you?
Today as a student, I can’t state as much benefits that hospital information system can give and affects me but so far I guess having these system, it could easily to get and completely in all that our study will be more effective.

How this info. system promote the quality of care and services rendered by the healthcare professional?

With these information system, data of a patient is all secure and can easily access and see whenever problems are occurring or progressions, with that rendering quality of care will be more effective and enough to meet what one’s capacity of health. Decision making will be easy because these system will provided as a guide for one’s health.

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15 & 17

15. The medicine.net and Nusingscribd.com for me were the most reliable and useful source on our study. Medicine.net gives answers in every topic that we ask because it is a medicine centered website and also the Nursingscribd.com because it is nursing centered, it gives detailed and completed information about nursing profession especially those nursing responsibilities, management, and promoting care for our patient.

17. When using someones work, I will make sure I won;t use it for the sake of having a name on it’s field and having it as a source of income. I’ll just use it as a reference as a necessary I’ll just rephrase its content, but if really needed to use it and have a copy on my own. I’ll make sure that it is for my study only and if I will be distributing it to other for example to share, I’ll not use it as a source of income. In case of some reports that needed a proof & I don’t have a choice but to use it. I will make sure in my report that there is the copyright of the work.

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answers for questions nos. 12, 13, 14.

12. Srevice in the internet helps me a lot. It helps me whenever i have to look for updated information about a topic. I use it to stay connect with the modern world because though our country is not that rich that can provide quality of care which other contry do, still we’re pursuing to render effective nursing care, with the use of internet services that stay as connected with others.

13. The only significance is that for us to surf and explore with the internet in easy and safe ways, which I can describes as follows. First, to have a basic guidelines in using the internet, so that surfing will make that not so difficult, second, to avoid engaging problems like violating rules which could lead to other difficult problems and finally, to have a easy and good process of exploring the internet world.

14. In terms of time I will be in favor of the use of web resource, because sharing and exploring information with the use of internet is so fast. But in terms of effectiveness, of course I will be in favor of the use of internet because it has the most effective and complete informations but if your in hurry in time web resource will be the most useful of all.

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answers for question nos. 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11

7. Storage media is the place where data and information are being stored of. It is important to have a storage media for our data; information; stuffs like pictures, songs and videos so that those stuffs can have a privacy with other stuffs and to have a safety for others who wants to copy or do something about it.

8. We can avoid threats in our data by simply taking care of our data. Giving it importance and confidentiality. We should not let our data pass through different computers, especially those computers that are being rent and not a private one, make sure the computers that we will use has a anti-threats agent. We also should have a security, in terms of sharing and transporting data with others and we have to make sure that we know whom we’re going to share our data with.

9. To avoid errors in data integrity we must make sure that data is complete with every aspect, is must be signed by the original author or who made the data and make sure that it is proven and supported by others. Also it is needed to have a security to prevent being corrupted or edit with others.

10. If you want to go directly to the page of a specific location you can type “http”, a protocol used to request and transmit files, especially webpages and webpage components, over the Internet or other computer network.
But if you want to go generally to it’s site you should type “www”, it is the complete set of documents residing on all Internet servers that use the HTTP protocol, accessible to users via a simple point-and-click system.

11. Based on the survey specifically at CDO PLDT takes the 29% which is for them the best ISP in their place and Bayantel takes the least vote of 3% based on the survey that takes place on 2010, to prove visit :

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answer for nos. 4, 5 and 6..

4. I want to invent a machine that produces products that are healthy for everyone, especially those products that are demanded by large amount of people and those products that are demanded by teens and adult people. Like for cigarettes, I want to invent a machine that produces ingredients that are healthy, so that the lungs will not get worst but well. And alcohol that contains healthy ingredients for liver, though addictive yet healthy for the body especially for the liver.

5. To have an easy connection and access with the other computer. to make other work easy like transporting and sharing data and information. To maintain privacy of the data should pass only to authorized computers. And to have a effective and well work with other workers in all aspects of network computer works.

6. It is important in the manner of using it. Because when we say data, it is not changeable; it is the fact of the world and no one can change it; and it is our knowledge about things and it can get through experiences. While the information are the group of ideas that are changeable, reversible and can manipulate by a person as long as he/she has a right, is qualified and authorized. Information can get through learning.

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fanswers for 1st 3 questions of Nursing Informatics reporting

1. I.T plays a great role in the field of nursing. It is use for easy access and further researches for different diseases and it’s new (if any) sign and symptoms and new updates for it’s intervention specially nursing interventions. It is also use for an easy communication with other health team member with new protocols for rendering good care for patients.

2. I.T can improve the quality of care because with I.T. there will be an easy access with other health professsionals in rendering care, it will be easy and more appropriate because it let us surf via internet with new research about specific diseases, so that if there is new discovery with that disease then giving care will be more sufficient and effective.

3. Nursing Informatics can improve the role of a nurse in handling health care data. With the use of these privacy with each every data will be provided and only authorized nurses can have a access with these, because of these it can improve the role of a nurse and as the technology goes along our way there will be new ways to handle health care data and it will be more easy for nurses specially when they already use nursing informatics at first.

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